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Does no one like my sunflower poem? Geeze, tough crowd.
Ah yes, I am the stubborn sunflower,
Who blooms when no one asked me to,
Who chases the sun wherever he may go,
And continues to keep my head to the sky,
Even after he leaves.

I grow where no one wanted me to,
Yet I stay and blossom in the sun,
Knowing that somewhere, sunflowers are wanted.
I stand tall in the grass, vibrant in contrast,
And I am not afraid.
I Am the Sunflower (unfinished)
This is a free-form poem that's not quite finished. I'm working on adding some stanzas, but right now this is all I have~
I am open for constructive criticism!
DO NOT repost this anywhere or quote this anywhere without MY permission!! 
"Special" is a bad word.

I'm "special."

"Special" is a lying word.

They call me "special."

"Special" is a trickster.

I think I'm "special."

"Special" knows it's a liar.

Am I really "special?"

"Special" hurts.

I know I'm "special."
A slow decent into acceptance of a lie. 
I am open for improvements and/or constructive criticism on this piece, but in your comment, know that these thoughts are my own and to change them would be to lie to myself.
If you want to quote this piece in anyway, you MUST first ask me (the author). If I find that my poem was reposted anywhere, there will be consequences, believe me.
I want to blow my life away,
Erase every piece of myself.
I want no one to remember me.
I want to be gone.
I'm bad.
I'm bad.
I have to leave.
I'm bad.
Leave no trace.
Kill me.
Run away.
Obliterate me.
Start over.
And make me new.
Thoughts of a Suicidal Depressed One
Funky title right? These are my own thoughts yes, and yes I struggle with depression and suicide. And no, I really don't want an "It gets better speech" right now. 
I usually ask for help on my poetry and constructive criticism, but this one is different because it is my own thoughts and to change them would be to lie to myself.
If you want to quote this poem in any way you MUST ask me for permission first. If I find that this poem has been reposted anywhere WITHOUT my permission, there will be consequences, believe me.
I'm afraid.
I'm afraid of the man in my head.
He hurts me and tells me awful things.
I want him out.
He hurts me.
I'm screaming.
Can you hear me?
The man in my head makes people hate me.
I want to blow him out.
Do I have to die?
Make him leave.
He hurts me.
He Hurts Me
Poem I literally just wrote. I hope that this doesn't scare anyone or trigger anything. You can interpret this poem however you like, but for me it is about my mental illnesses (like depression, anxiety, etc.). If you have any suggestions or improvements for me, I don't mind receiving them! Constructive criticism is always appreciated!

This poem belongs to me, so if you plan on quoting it in any way, you MUST receive my permission first! If I find that this poem was posted anywhere without my permission or without credit, there will be consequences, believe me.

Thank you all for all the nice comments and support!! I hope I will be uploading the future chapters quicker than this last one was uploaded!



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Ummmm....well, I'm an otaku and my current obsession is EVERYTHING. Seriously, if there's a fandom for it, I'm in it~

I am interested in all types of art and hope to purse an artistic career!

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